Student Benefits

UNSW Business School students develop their skills through 4 interactive online modules: Communication, Teamwork, Planning and Organising, and Self-management. Upon completion students earn a digital badge in Career Accelerator: Essentials, allowing them to access a range of professional experiences including internships, overseas practicums, social entrepreneurship, workshops, and from April 2018, networking with experienced UNSW alumni.

Career Accelerator and Career Accelerator: Essentials are currently only available to UNSW Business School students. Students from other faculties who are interested in skills development and professional experience should check their faculty website or visit UNSW Career and Employment.

Alumni Benefits

As a Career Accelerator participant, you can develop the next generation of talent by sharing your skills, expertise and industry knowledge to make a meaningful difference to someone’s career and workplace.

As a CA mentor you can also boost your own mentoring and coaching skills, enhance your leadership and communication skills and expand your professional networks.